Photovoltaic aluminum frame

Photovoltaic aluminum frame

  • Sual focuses on the two core areas of photovoltaics and new energy electric vehicles. Its main products include: development, manufacturing, processing and sales of industrial profiles such as aluminum alloy profiles, photovoltaic solar aluminum frames, and new energy electric vehicle aluminum accessories.
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Why choose aluminum profile for solar frame material?

Advantages of solar frames in photovoltaic applications:

1 Corrosion resistance, strong oxidation resistance;

2 strong and strong;

3 Strong tensile strength;

4 High elastic rate, rigidity and metal fatigue value;

5 Fast transportation and installation, even if the surface is scratched, it will not be oxidized, and the function will not be affected;

6. It can adapt to various environments through convenient selection of different materials;

7 The service life is more than 30-50 years.

The installation of aluminum alloy frame is beneficial to reduce the overlap time between the main frame and other types of work, and plays a good protective role, which can reduce its chance of damage, which will prolong the service life, but the installation of sub-frame will increase the cost of decoration.

The use of the aluminum alloy frame is mainly due to its better electrical conductivity, which can better guide the high current impact of lightning strikes to the ground. To put it bluntly, it is to play the role of lightning protection to protect other electrical appliances. In addition, aluminum alloy has better strength and can better protect solar cells. To sum up and compare, in the solar frame, aluminum alloy is more cost-effective.
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