Source and type of wastewater from aluminum profile surface treatment

Source:Jiangyin New Sulv Technology Co., Ltd. Release time:2022-11-14 10:57:53 Author:131

The waste water of the surface treatment of aluminum profiles includes pre-treatment degreasing and neutralizing acid washing water, alkaline washing water after alkali corrosion, acid washing water after acid etching, and acid washing water after oxidation. Acid washing water, waste acid, waste alkali and a small amount of waste water from electrophoresis paint ion exchange device. The wastewater is acidic after mixing, containing cations such as Al3+, Ni2+, Sn2+, Sn4+, Na+, Cr3+, and anions such as SO42-, F-, NO3-, Cl-, AlO2-, Ac-, as well as surfactants and acrylic acid Resin and other organic matter. The waste liquid includes waste sulfuric acid produced by degreasing and neutralization, waste nitric acid and waste sulfuric acid produced by oxidation, waste liquid produced by coloring, waste acrylic acid produced by electrophoretic painting, and waste liquid containing Ni2+ and F- produced by sealing.